Our field of expertise: cast steel

The production of cast parts and cast steel components enjoys a long history at the Biel site. Technology has come a long way since the production of cast steel first began in Biel all those years ago. Process parameters that grew through experience have now been confirmed by research. Calculations have been conducted to identify a system for solidifying cast parts. The development of computers and software has enabled the solidification properties of a cast part to be calculated in advance. Materials have been standardised and their properties defined in increasingly detailed specifications.

Stadler Stahlguss AG has kept on top of all of these developments, applying state-of-the-art technology in production and all accompanying processes. The company's untiring efforts to constantly build on its expertise have been essential to its corporate success and the reliability of its products.

As well as bringing the latest technology into production and work planning on an ongoing basis, the company also develops a wide range of services for its customers – regardless of whether they are looking for mechanical processing solutions or a full range of non-destructive tests. However, the company's number one priority is creating tailor-made packages for its customers, pairing technological expertise with the passion needed to create the perfect cast steel for their clients' needs.